Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Excellent finish

BTRussia congratulated Lyudmila Nikoyan with a great end of the season and talked with her about the victory in Saint Pierre.

Ludmila: Thank you for the congratulations!!! It was very hard - the burning sun, hot sand and two 3-sets match with the longest games in my beach-tennis history!


BTRussia: Tell us about organization and place of tournament.

Ludmila: I will not talk about the tournaments at the Reunion – you have to come here and try it by yourself!!!!! In March there is such a good possibility - would highly recommend!

BTRussia: Tell us when came the idea to play with Magali and what are your future plans?

Ludmila: This summer, before the World Championships in Cervia, we decided to play the tournament in Torre del Lago, then Magali invited me to play in Brazil and almost at the same time we decided to play together at the Reunion. We were prepared separately from each other, but following the same plan, and we did well. I want to underline the skill of my partner, who showed a very high level of play here at the Reunion, at home, in her stands - it was great!


BTRussia: Tell us about your tournament way, your most important matches, the most memorable moments?

Ludmila: For every match from the first round we focused serious, despite the fact that we were 3rd seeded. It helped to be in good shape for the most difficult games in the semi-finals and finals. The semi-finals against all the known sisters, Marie and Matilda - the leaders of the French team - it was a test of strength. And the final with one of the strongest doubles of Brazil, it was different but difficult too! I think we won due to the fact that we were able to regroup during the match and play diverse.

BTRussia: There are 3 semi-finalists from Russia, what is the reason in your opinion?

Ludmila: And there was Kirill Lyznikov in the quarterfinal! Here you can have only one conclusion - increased level of Russian beach tennis!


BTRussia: Your plans for the next season?

Ludmila: Next year we expect support from Russian tennis Federation, otherwise there are no plans. I have not closed the debts on this year costs…

BTRussia: Where are you going to celebrate New Year?

Ludmila: A New Year I spend with family and friends – it’s priceless!



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