Tuesday, 26 July 2016 08:14

Gold of Russian national team.

The Russian team sensationally won the gold in the world team beach tennis championship. Russian athletes are the only one who can compete with the best players in the world. And they proved it. Finally we came to the gold!! But not only results are growing but a love to beach tennis a number of athletes. And now let's meet the heroes of this week.
Stanislav Zaichenko – the team captain. Active sportsman. Stas is the most experienced in the team and permanent team captain. However, he is one of the best players in Russia, as no one knows his team, where he has the absolute authority.

Nikita Burmakin. The leader of the Russian team. Nikita is the most titled athlete in the team. He has the main responsibility in decisive matches. Always plays cool, giving himself to the game for the team. There are many legends on Tour about his quick movements around the court and desperate smashes.

Sergey Kuptsov. Plays with Nikita Burmakin. Sergey is confident in his abilities, which is especially important in decisive points. Plays attacking style and very powerfully serves.

Ivan Syrov. The debutant in the team. The soul and the smile of the team. The most positive and friendly player. Ivan plays beautiful tennis, with long games and incredible directions of the ball. Feels court and ball very good.

Julia Chubarova. The youngest member of team Russia. But with the best results at the international level. Julia is a versatile player. Can play any style of tennis in women doubles and the mixed doubles. She is very emotional on court.

Irina Glimakova. Ira shows the best example of how to play together. In any situation she is positive, calm and actively supports the partner. These qualities help Irina to get off from the court as a winner and bring the victory to Russian team.

Daria Churakova. The mixed double of Churakova and Burmakin is one of the best in the world. He brought a decisive victory at the world championships. And this year Darya proved herself played with Irina Glimakova. Winning all the women's double before the final against Italy.

The Junior team repeated their last year's bronze medal success. Our team lost only to the Champions team Italy. Moreover, in the decisive mixed doubles. So this year the Russian juniors could go up one more step, but due to the unlucky draw that didn't happen. The team was as follows:

Artem Paramomycin. The captain and the coach.
Vasily Reutov
Anton Arzhankin
Mikhail Zheleznov
Anna Romanova
Ekaterina Glazkova
Anastasia Roslichenko

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