Friday, 10 August 2018 19:55

World Team Championship. Day 3.

In VII Beach Tennis World Team Championship were defined the participants of semifinal matches.
Yesterday, on courts National Tennis Centre were playing quarterfinal matches.
As it expected, in semifinals the struggle for medals will continue four strongest national teams. At that, three of it won its matches with a whitewash 3:0.

Just so four times World Champions Italians defeated Estonians, World Champions of 2016 - Russians won team of San Marino and French won Japanese. But World Champions of 2013 - Brazilians came across with stubborn resistance of rivals from Germany, however they brought match up to the victory - 2:1.

So, tomorrow, 11 August, will meet national teams of Italy and Russia, French and Brazil. In junior tournament (U14) of World Team Championship in Group B Russians lost Italians 0:3. With the same score Brazilians won Estonians.

Leaders of this group are national teams of Italy, Brazil and Russia that obtained of two points. But, first two teams played less for the match. Today our team will play with Brazilians and this match will define a lot in tournament struggle.

In Group A leads French team, it won all three matches, while in second place the winners of tournament 2017 - Venezuela.
It played less for the game.

Today on Championship will play national teams that struggle for places from fifth and lower. Semifinals will planned on Saturday, and decisive matches will be on Sunday.

Пляжный теннис в России и мире. BTRussia отслеживает общемировые тенденции развития пляжного тенниса и формирует библиотеку наиболее полезных и интересных материалов.