Sunday, 12 August 2018 16:24

Russian national team – bronze medalist of Beach Tennis World Team Championship

Today, 12 August, in Moscow has finished VII Beach Tennis World Team Championship

National team of Russia in match for third place won rivals from France and it conquered bronze medals. We recall that during seven World Championship our national team once (2016) won gold medals of World Team Championship, one time it became second (2015) team and four times (2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018) third team.

Today in petite final Russians didn’t leave no chances for French. At first Irina Glimakova and Daria Churakova opened the score having won the sisters Marie-Eve and Mathilde Hoarau. Then, deciding point brought our men’s pair. Nikita Burmakin and Sergei Kuptsov won its match against European Champions of last year Mathieu Guegano and Theo Irigaray – 7/5 /7/6(1). Liudmila Nikoyan and Nikolai Guryev finished the match on victorious note. World Champions of 2017 has beaten Marie-Eve Hoarau and Guillaume Leruste – 4/0 4/0.

On a picture – our national team in which was playing not only medalists of Championship, and young beach-tennis players. Here they are together.

In main final were playing four times World Champions national team of Italy and World Champions of 2013 Brazilians. Today, Brazilians has become two times World Champions, having won main favorites with a score 2:0.

Junior tournament of World Team Championship has finished. Today, our young beach-tennis players without apparent difficulties won national team of Egypt 3:0 and they took fifth place. Italians won the tournament, with the same whitewash having won French in match for first place. Brazilians has become third team of tournament getting the best over the winners of past year tournament Venezuelans – 2:0.

By the way, for Italian junior team (U14) this victory has become the third in four tournaments.

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