Monday, 05 September 2016 18:46

Beach summer in Latvia

It hard to call this summer a Beach summer. And not all of the summer I spent in Latvia (although the terms of the visa, which are almost end, claim the opposite), and not in all Latvia. But it is clear what am talking about.

Beach tennis in Latvia is not the style of life, that we often hear in interviews with various beach athletes. Style of life means to build your life around some activities, becoming part of a special world and identifying ourselves with it. Here you won’t find such a thing. Although in my definition of "beach tennis in Latvia" - "style" won’t miss: beach tennis is stylish. In other words, a stylish hobby. Why? 


Imagine how "stylish" is: "I moved to Jurmala for the summer season and play beach tennis in my free time", or "went after work to the beach, sit at the bar, play beach tennis". You can feel how the day turns in different colors, if you spend your holiday on the beach!! And people fall in love with this idea. Jurmala courts be like a meeting point. People come here to spend time, relax, celebrate and make cocktail parties.


I know what you're thinking: what about winter? And in the winter the "lucky ones" who want to play should wake up early to book a cheaper time in Riga halls. And yes, during the winter season, beach tennis is more expensive, but no less stylish, because at this time of the year beach tennis turns into an unusual sporting hobby, which not everyone knows and not everyone can afford.

Let’s remember that beach tennis is a sport, at least in terms of its energy consumption. And Latvia makes something unreal: this sport develops the RUSSIAN woman, at the national level, with good quality and efficiency. For this summer, being close to organization of bt events, I was looking at the Marina Trefilova, and on what is happening around, listening to her plans, discussed ideas. So, I used to think that is hard to turn on such a huge machine, but then everything will go on by itself. However, it is not like this. Without clear way, which is only in the mind of the creator of the idea, the mechanism begins to break up into different parts, which are rolling in completely different directions.

2And it is a true art to finish at least one of your ideas. I really hope that it will happen, because the done list is worth it:

·         Regular national tournaments in summer and winter every two weeks;

·         The ITF tournaments every month (or more often);

·         Clinics from professional players;

·         Regular training of the Junior team;

·         Free program with funding from the Riga city Council for children's activities in beach tennis;

·         Beach parties, team buildings and other events.

And much more in the future… I'll tell you a secret - Latvia is going to surprise everyone.


And finally a little about the country. It is time to begin to take it as an independent European country, but not as a Soviet State. Yes, the old trains still have the inscription "emergency brake", outside the central districts there are still “Brezhnev buildings”, and people "are the same as we are." But what about lifestyles, habit and etc. Riga became a right one and beautiful European capital with a huge plus for us -the Russian language. And as a result, I arrived in Latvia as ambitious athlete and leave as an ambitious person with new experience, knowledge, friends and new ideas. And with a feeling that someone learned to play beach tennis thanks to me. Any coach knows how great it is to see the result of your work. By the way, flying early in the morning from Riga to other European capital, I didn't realize that I have to switch to English. All the same around me, but people don’t understand me. The end of the summer.




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