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The historical maximum

Last weekend in the calendar of most summer sports in Russia was a pre-party time. Many athletes are now in the stage of pre-season training. What is not possible to say, about fascinating and quite a summer sport, beach tennis.

Just 8 tournaments were held in the period from 16th to 18th December at 5 different points of the globe. For example, it's not very difficult to imagine how to play in the city Sholscher in Martinique, in the town of Oranhestad in Aruba or in the city of Saint-Pierre in La Réunion - the places on the beach near the ocean. 
But in north countries, like Russia, or Slovakia it would be totally impossible without covered courts with heated sand.
There are no holidays in the international professional calendar (ITF). 
So, beachgoers are not up to the pre-New Year rush.


By the way, our St. Petersburg team which is comprised of 16 people last week just returned to Russia after the training session under the sun in Thailand. And already to the fight.

In Moscow were held three (!) tournaments ITF G4 categories 16,17 and 18 December. There took part a lot of players from other cities including the St Petersburg team and Russian national team. Veronika Pershina and Christina Evtushenko brought home from Moscow, one second place.

The basic team of women's and men's national team of Russia, meanwhile, has surprised the world with the performance on the Reunion Island in the tournament ITF G1 category with a prize fund of $ 15,000.

Previously, our Russian athletes have never been able to pass the semi-final stage of the competition of such a high level. And this time they turned out with kind of a hat-trick.

In the women's draw won Russian woman Lyudmila Nikoyan (ITF22) in company with Magalie Garnier from France (ITF21). In the the final match they managed to break the resistance of the Brazilian blow of Samantha Barizhan (ITF24) and Marcela Vita (ITF44) with the score of 2:1 in sets.


Men's final also ended in three-set confrontation. Just two of St. Petersburg "beachgoers" came out on the court in the city of Saint-Pierre from different sides of the draw. Nikita Burmakin (ITF6) and his partner from Italy Tommy Giovanini (ITF10) were stronger than Ivan Syrov (ITF15) and Frenchman Regis Courtois (ITF18). This excellent performance of tennis players from the banks of the Neva, will allow them to update the highs of its rating. At the end of the season Burmakin will become №4 in the world, respectively Syrov №13.
But the season does not finish for russian BT players.

On December 24-25 in St. Petersburg, in the center of beach sports "Dynamit", will be held tournament series ITF G4 category. In January a series of tournaments will be held in Lithuania and Latvia. In February, once again training trip to Thailand. And in March, "beachgoers" once again can go to a long tour, the 15-thousand's in Réunion will be a good warm-up before a series of tournaments in the Caribbean.
Beach Tennis is not one of the Olympic sports, but the world and European championships held regularly since 2006. Recall that the Russian national team for the first time in its history, won the gold medal on World Team Championship 2016. And in St. Petersburg there are three winter indoor sport centers with facilities for beach tennis.

(Text: K.Lyzhnikov)


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