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Part 1. Beachtennisinquarantine with Irina Glimakova

During the General self-isolation and lack of opportunities to admire  beautiful and exciting beach tennis matches,  BTRussia decided to introduce to all fans of beach tennis and sport in General the best players and leading experts. We present some of them from a new side and launch our project #beachytennisinquarantine, where we publish small videos made  by our players. They show one of the days of their quarantine life and  in #btrussialive, in live with one of our guests we talk about beach tennis and we ask tricky questions and invite them to play a game, after which, if they lose, they must complete a task that will allow them to get to know our country better.

We invite everyone to our Instagram Account: BTRussia where you can see everything in real time, on the site, where we make short reviews of the interviews and the BT Russia IGTV, where we publish video of live broadcasts. #stayhome and enjoy the beach tennis with BTRussia!

The debut issue of the project #beachtennisinquarantine "Day with a beach tennis star" we spent with the Honored master of sports, world champion, Russian champion, bronze medalist of the World beach games, a member Of beach tennis national team and just a wonderful girl Irina Glimakova.

Irina showed us where she spends quarantine, which was declared to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection around the world, she showed what cosmetics she usually uses (Professional cosmetics AYUN and eye cream Clinique), what she eats, how she trains (you can watch the video with Irina on our Instagram BTRussia) and of course answered Your questions.

BTRussia:  Irina, how how often do you take the offense to the fact that the opponent won the match?

Irina Glimakova: I have never been offended by competitors who beat me, either when I was a child and played beach tennis, or now at a conscious age. I could only be offended by myself, perhaps by the coach, but not by my competitors. They are good, they are stronger, they were better prepared, and I could, not only be happy, but also  understand and admit that they were better than me at that time, for this match, so I never took offense at them, only at myself and tried to fix it.

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BTRussia:  A salad or a cake?

Irina Glimakova: Salad=)

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BTRussia:  Tell us about the most memorable victory in your career?

Irina Glimakova: There were several of them. The most memorable victory was at the world Team Championship in 2016, which was held in Moscow, when the Russian team won gold, it was the most significant victory for me. And I also want to highlight my victory in Aruba in singles, it was my first trip to Aruba and my first tournament in singles that I won. There was a full stadium, many people were cheering me, I defeated good Italian TOP players. I was very happy with this victory.

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BTRussia:  How do you spend time during the quarantine?

Irina Glimakova: I spend the quarantine with my family. We live in the countryside. I try not to go anywhere, just to the grocery store. We have to be sure to wear a mask, gloves, and keep a distance. We take all precautions. Therefore, I advise everyone to stay at home, do not go out! The better we follow these rules, the faster we will go out and hug, practice, and train.

BTRussia:  What motivates You?

Irina Glimakova: I am motivated by the opportunity to become better every day, to be more successful. Improve yourself, improve the results you have already achieved. For me, this is the main goal.

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BTRussia:  Do You have a special ritual before the match?

Irina Glimakova: I Know that many athletes have it, but it is not so important for me. I don't have a special ritual. It is important for me to choose an outfit, take clothes and I am ready.

BTRussia:  During this period, do you need to exercise with a racket at home, or are they not relevant?

Irina Glimakova: I believe that you can take the racket, but it won’t be so effective to my mind. I don't take a racket just to simulate the shots, but if I have nothing to do, then I can take it. For me personally, these exercises are not effective or relevant.

BTRussia:  How Did you come into beach tennis?

Irina Glimakova: the story Is very simple: a friend from the University invited me to participate in the tournament, because we played tennis together, we immediately understood the rules of beach tennis, how to play it. I liked the game, I was attracted to it and I started to work out well. That's how I came to it!

BTRussia:  How to improve the serve power? What exercises do you recommend?

Irina Glimakova: for me, improving the power of the serve depends on the number of repetitions. I believe that if your serve is reliable, you are confident in it, and you can direct it to any point where you want, confidence comes, and this will bring strength. You will be confident in it and add strength at the expense of your physical abilities. I don't do any special exercises. In general, I do not always use a strong serve, because in beach tennis there is only one attempt. For me, it is more important to make it reliable and not make a mistake.

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BTRussia:  Favorite sport besides beach tennis?

Irina Glimakova: This is tennis, of course. It is for me in the first place, then there is beach tennis. If you speak about other sports, as a spectator I like to watch hockey. That’s it.

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