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Part 2. Beachtennsinquarantine with Tommaso Giovannini.

Our second guest of the project BTRussia #beachtennsinakarantine "Day with a beach tennis star" was an Italian beach tennis player, now № 2 of the world Tommaso Giovannini.

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In his stories, he told us what he does at home in quarantine, that he likes to cook national Italian pasta And risotto Milanese, about his classes and training with Nike, about a nap, showed us his favorite comfortable armchair and of course answered Your questions:

BTRussia:  What are your impressions of Russia? What cities did you manage to visit? What did you like more?

Tommaso Giovannini: I have been to Russia 7 times, the first time was in  winter at a tournament in St. Petersburg. Of course, the first time it was very cold for me. The rest of the time I was in the summer in St. Petersburg, Moscow and 4 times in Kazan. I think Russia is very different from Italy, both cities and people are different. But always when I was in Russia, I liked everything. And of course, my favorite city is Saint Petersburg.

BTRussia:  Can I become a professional by learning beach tennis on Youtube?

Tommaso Giovannini: I Think it's impossible. Yes, it can be useful, but you need to train a lot. You need attend classes. But it's not enough just to watch the video.

BTRussia:  Everything has a reason. Why did you start playing beach tennis?

Tommaso Giovannini: I started playing beach tennis because I love this sport. I started playing early, from the age of 10-11. I like to travel and compete. I like to experience the emotions that I feel when I play, so I think I have the best job in the world.

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BTRussia: How do You take care of yourself?

Tommaso Giovannini: In my normal life, I train a lot. For example, on Monday, I go to the gym, the next day I play beach tennis on the sand, and so I do all the week.

BTRussia: What is the secret of a perfect abs?

Tommaso Giovannini: I have no idea, because my abs are not perfect.

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BTRussia:  What childhood dreams have come true?

Tommaso Giovannini: When I was a kid, I wanted to become a professional player and I had 3 big dreams: 1. Become the first in the world; 2. Win the world Cup; 3. Win the tournament in Aruba. I have realized  two of them, so I am looking forward to winning the world Cup. But this year it is not real, as there is no possibility to play the tournament due to a virus.

BTRussia:  Give advice to the newcomers.

Tommaso Giovannini: My advice: train hard and always play fair.

BTRussia:  What would you never do in your life?

Tommaso Giovannini: I'd definitely never touch a snake or a huge spider in my life. 100%

BTRussia: If you had a chance, what would you change in your past?

Tommaso Giovannini: If we talk about my career in beach tennis, I have no regrets. I like everything I've done. There were good and bad moments, but I still don't regret about anything.

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BTRussia: How did you start playing beach tennis?

Tommaso Giovannini: I started playing in the city of Maria di Ravenna, the city where this sport was born. I was 10 years old. And I immediately fell in love with this sport. And since then, I've never stopped playing it.

BTRussia: Cosa fai nel tuo tempo libero? What do you do in your spare time?

Tommaso Giovannini: I think this question is about ordinary life, not about the quarantine period. I like to have fun, meet friends, go to parties, just like everyone needs to relax sometimes. But I think when it's over, I'll be playing beach tennis all day.

BTRussia: Chi ti ispira? Who inspires you?

Tommaso Giovannini: I am inspired by young promising players. Among the Italians they are  Spotto and Catanni. In my opinion, they are the strongest. I hope soon there will be new ones from my city of Lugo and Ravenna.

BTRussia: How are you?

Tommaso Giovannini: I’m fine, thank you.

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BTRussia: What distinguishes a bad guy from a good one?

Tommaso Giovannini: I think I'm a good guy, but when I'm on the court, I can act like a bad guy, but not because I'm not playing fair. Because I'm acting impulsively, my nickname is "Crazy horse", now you can guess why.

BTRussia: During the quarantine, people were divided into 2 types: some eat a lot, others do a lot of sports in the quarantine, which type do you belong to?

Tommaso Giovannini: I train and eat. I am Italian, so  for sure I like to eat. But only very good food.

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