Sunday, 17 May 2020 22:29

Part 5. Beachtennisinquarantine with Ekaterina Glazkova

Our fifth guest of the BTRussia project #beachtennisinquarantine "Day with a beach tennis star" became a multiple champion of the Junior world Championship, Russian champion in mixed doubles, a player of the Russian national team Ekaterina Glazkova (Katya Glazkova).

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In her stories, she told us what she does at home in quarantine, which she spends with her family in a country house, showed how to cook her favorite Breakfast, how to cut her grandfather's hair, showed they have fun with family in quarantine and introduced her dogs and of course answered Your questions:

BTRussia: What is your favorite Breakfast?

Ekaterina Glazkova: My favorite Breakfast is oatmeal with walnuts and banana.

BTRussia: You look like a model, have you ever tried yourself in the model business?

Ekaterina Glazkova: Thank you very much, no, I haven't tried, and to be honest, I don't want to start.

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BTRussia: Cola or smoothies?

Ekaterina Glazkova: I like both, but I guess if it is pineapple smoothie, I would choose it.

BTRussia: How did you learn about beach tennis?

Ekaterina Glazkova: It was 7 years ago, I was playing tennis and my coach suggested me playing beach tennis. That's how I found out about this kind of sport.

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BTRussia: What is your favorite shot in beach tennis?

Ekaterina Glazkova: My favorite shot is smash, I like to hit the ball hard.

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BTRussia: What is the most extraordinary country for you?

Ekaterina Glazkova: I think every country is beautiful in its own way, it is not possible to highlight just one of them. I always enjoy Italy, the nature of South Africa is beautiful.

BTRussia: What is the difference between Junior beach tennis and pro tennis?

Ekaterina Glazkova: In my opinion, the main difference is the different level of competition. The Junior tour is not as stressful as the pro tour.

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BTRussia: What is Your favorite pastery?

Ekaterina Glazkova: I love cooking different cakes. I do it quite often. The most favorite is the honey cake, it is always very tasty.

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BTRussia: What was the most important match for you?

Ekaterina Glazkova: there were Probably a few of them, but now I think of the 2017 final of the Russian Championship, when we together with Vasya Reutov won there. At that moment I realized that I could compete with adults.

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