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Part 6. Beachtennisinquarantine with Nikolay Gurev

Our sixth guest of the project BTRussia #beachtennisinquarantine "Day with a beach tennis star" was the world champion, Master of sports of international class, a member of the Russian national team Nikolay Gurev.

In his stories, he told us what he does at home in quarantine, which he spends with his family in Samara, showed us what he eats of Russian cuisine, showed where he buys food, showed us training with his sister, introduced us to his first track and of course answered Your questions:

BTRussia: Do You have many fans outside of Russia?

Nikolay Guryev: I don't Think there are many, but they are the best in the world.

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BTRussia: What is the most important victory?

Nikolay Guryev: By status, of course, victory in the World Championship final. But my inner feeling says that important victories are still ahead.

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BTRussia: Is psychology in beach tennis important and do you have a psychologist?

Nikolay Guryev: Psychology is important in any sport and at crucial moments it plays a key role. Yes, I have a sports psychologist and I meet with her from time to time and I really like the result.

BTRussia: In what country do you like to play beach tennis?

Nikolay Guryev: I have played in different countries of the world, but in my hometown, Samara, I play and I show my best results here.WhatsApp Image 2020 05 18 at 02.50.20 1

BTRussia: What is the most vivid impression of beach tennis?

Nikolay Guryev: the Best thing I feel is when I am healthy and can give 100%.

BTRussia: At what point in the match do You realize that you are winning?

Nikolay Guryev: this is a Very interesting question. I don't think you can be sure until you win the last point. This is beach tennis – everything can change.

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BTRussia: Who is cooler in the family, you or your sister?

Nikolay Guryev: We do not have a specific competition with each other, especially since we are currently engaged in a little different thing, but at the children's level, of course, the results of my sister were much better than mine. Let's see what happens in the future.

BTRussia: Can you make 30 push-ups?

Nikolay Guryev: Yes, just yesterday I  did the physical training and three series of push-ups

BTRussia: Day or evening?

Nikolay Guryev: Interesting question. I will probably choose the evening, my activity is revealed mainly after lunch. I really like to play evening matches, but I like to train more in the morning.

BTRussia: Team or your personal result?

Nikolay Guryev: In any sport, even in an individual, there are no personal successes and results. It's always a team effort and it doesn't matter if you're on the court with a team or if you're off the court with a team.

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BTRussia: tell Us how did you come to beach tennis? What is on the 1st place beach tennis or tennis?

Nikolay Guryev: in 2010, Lisa malanicheva, with the support of the Samara region tennis Federation, brought this cool sport to our embankment for the first time. They invited the tennis players, they called me, and I tried it with pleasure.

From the competitive and professional point of view as an athlete this is of course beach tennis. But I work and practice tennis more. So far, the situation in Russia is as follows.

BTRussia: Where is the greater thrill of winning?

Nikolay Guryev: I would not compare the thrill of winning in tennis and beach tennis, because I just participated in beach tennis competitions at a much higher level. Therefore, these victories are simply more significant.

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