Sunday, 17 May 2020 22:46

Part 7. Beachtennisinquarantine with Thales Santos.

Our seventh guest of the project BTRussia #beachtennisinquarantine "Day with a beach tennis star" was the champion of the world Team Championship, a player of the Brazilian national team - Thales Santos.

In his stories, he told us what he does at home in quarantine, which he spends at home in Brazil, showed what he eats and how and what he cooks (not always successfully), his training at home, also told us about the movies that he has watched recently and of course answered Your questions:

BTRussia: Cookies or cake?

Thales Santos: Cake

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BTRussia: what was Your most amazing discovery when you first visited Russia?

Thales Santos: I saw how modern and beautiful Moscow is.

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BTRussia: is tennis a good start for beach tennis or does It spoil the technique?

Thales Santos: If you play tennis, you can use a lot of things in beach tennis. I think both sports are good and can help each other.

BTRussia: is it Possible to make money on beach tennis in Brazil?

Thales Santos: As a player, no, it's not possible, but as a coach, Yes. You can work and earn money.

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BTRussia: What do you think about the Russian beach tennis team?

Thales Santos: I think this is a very good team of very experienced and professional players. We played against them in the final last year. In the semifinals, they beat the Italian team.

BTRussia: is it Effective to make an imitation of a racket shots at home during the quarantine, or is it better to do physical training?

Thales Santos: I don't think it's effective, because you can't do it properly at home. I prefer to train physically; it will be more useful when we return to normal life.

BTRussia: Have you done or participated in ZOOM training sessions?

Thales Santos: I used ZOOM three times: the first time it was a meeting with the Brazilian Federation, and the second time with friends. I found out how they are doing, we laughed, shared what is happening, remembered funny moments. It was fun.

BTRussia: Show us your tattoos.

Thales Santos: These are my tattoos, on the first one it’s me serving.

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