Sunday, 17 May 2020 22:23

Part 4. Beachtennisinquarantine with Mati Sepulvedat

Our fourth guests of the project BTRussia #beachtennsinquarantine "Day with a beach tennis star" was one of the most incendiary beach tennis player from Chile, a player of the national team of his country, a participant of the World Team Championship Matias Sepulvedat (Mati Sepulvedatt).

In his stories, he told us what he does at home in quarantine, which he spends with his family in Chile, showed us how to cook Breakfast, train himself and train his brother and do math with him, sang a very beautiful song and of course answered Your questions:

BTRussia: Who is your idol?

Mati Sepulvedat: There is only one idol in my life and that is Roger Federer.

BTRussia:  How do you like alpacas?

Mati Sepulvedat: Hmm... they're cute... or... I don't know, a little bit weird.

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BTRussia:  How do you take care of your hair?

Mati Sepulvedat: to be honest I'm not doing anything, wash two times a week. And I look like a lion.

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BTRussia:  What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Mati Sepulvedat: I don't plan 5 years ahead, I usually plan year after year. The main thing is to return to the tour and play tournaments. Train, devote 100% of your free time to beach tennis. Go up in the world ranking. I want to continue developing beach tennis in my country when the quarantine finally ends.

BTRussia:  When were you included into the national team?

Mati Sepulvedat: In 2017, we participated in the Pan American Games and then we played a tournament in Aruba. Beautiful memories.

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BTRussia:  Who is your funniest partner?

Mati Sepulvedat: this question may create problems, but it is probably my Chilean partner Vicente Brusadelli. We absolutely always have fun with him.

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BTRussia:  How do you like Russians?

Mati Sepulvedat: the First impression is that you are very calm. But when i get to know you – you're super fun. For example, Irina Glimakova, very cheerful, like Jim Carrey.

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BTRussia:  What advice can you give to the beginners?

Mati Sepulvedat: Enjoy. It's simple.

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BTRussia: Favorite Russian dish or dish in General?

Mati Sepulvedat: This dish is with meat and onions - Shashlik (Barbecue).

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BTRussia:  What are your impressions about Russia? How many times and where have you been to?

Mati Sepulvedat: I love the buildings and a lot of green colors. I was only in Moscow and Kazan.

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