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5 legendary teams of the World Team Сhampionship

World team championship from year to year shows us that team spirit and support of partners is one of the most important factors of success at the beach tennis! And only here on WTC, defending the colors of the flag of their country, rivals become a union, friends,and family!

For the entire history of the team championships, we have seen not a lot of outstanding pairs, and at the fifth anniversary of WTC we want to tell you about the legendary five pairs of the championship.

5 legendary doubles of the world team beach tennis championship

1) Federica Bacchetta and Sophia Chimatti. World team, World and European Champions. One of the most stable doubles on ITF BT Tour. In the history of participation in WTC they haven't lost a single match.

Federica Bacchetta and Sophia Chimatti

2) Vinicius Font and Joana Cortez. In 2013 this mixed Duo brought the gold medal to Brazil in the decisive final match against Italy. In 2015 Joana and Vini became the first non-Italian mixed world champions in Cervia.

Vinicius Font and Joana Cortez

3) Nikita Burmakin and Daria Churakova. In 2015 they led their team to the finals of WTC, and a few months later won the gold medal on European Championships.

Nikita Burmakin and Daria Churakova

4) Matilda and Mary-Eve Hoarau. Famous "Twins". One of the most stable and friendly doubles. If sisters are on court, be sure the match promises to be full of mind-blowing games and incredible emotions.

Matilda and Mary-Eve Hoarau

5) Sergey Kuptsov and Nikita Burmakin. The strongest double of Russia, which in 2015 won the final men match against World champions – well experienced Italians Alessandro Calbucci and Marco Garavini, who can be called a legendary team too for sure.

Sergey Kuptsov and Nikita Burmakin

Alessandro Calbucci and Marco Garavini


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