Thursday, 14 July 2016 12:44

Vini Font is back on track!

Vini, after your incredible victory in Kazan people say that Vinicius Font again climbs to the top. Do you continue this success here in Moscow?

All last year I was suffering by trauma of the elbow of the right hand. And I got it pretty silly, hanging wall shelf home. I did not expect that the wall will be so hard and it will take more than 15 minutes, actually it took 4 hours. After this episode I couldn't take the racket for a few days. And only to the December tournaments in Thailand felt free from pain. And just a couple of months ago I again was injured, this time the problem was in the left tibia. And a few weeks I couldn't train at all. So for me is still a surprise that we managed to win in Kazan. It was something incredible!!! Of course, you always want to make the winning streak as long as possible, but it is not always possible. But, of course, that's what I'm going to try hard.

In Kazan you and Aksel Samardzic formed a strong couple and beat the strongest teams in the world. What it's like to be the first winner of the biggest tournament in the history of beach tennis?

Even now I can't call us the strongest double at the tournament. Just all went good. To be honest, we were counting on the quarterfinals, and would be very happy with this result. I came to Kazan only recovered from injury. We had a little practice Thursday, played against the Italians Carli and Cappelletti. At practice we had a good chance against them. But when I saw that in the second round we have to play again with these guys, I was upset. Training is completely different from game.


And what helped you to win?

The funny thing is that when I was packing to Russia, I was approached by my wife with the words "Vini, don't worry, I feel you will win this tournament!” I didn't want to disappoint her, so I tried to explain that, I'll do my best, but chances are not so big. But she still insisted on the good feeling. And what happened to us in games is just something incredible. I don't even remember how we won matches. I only remember a few moments from the games. But the rest is emotions. Aksel and I constantly supported each other, despite the situation in the match. And it changed the course of some matches. On the court were so positive! Also means a lot that I came here without any sponsorship, so there was no pressure, I played for myself, for my pleasure.

Have you changed the mood before the world team championship?

For my team tournament is something special. Because I can call myself exactly a team player. I like to play with the team. Now everyone in the team is encouraged by my performance in Kazan. And in this year we've got a great atmosphere in the team. We have become one, friends, and family. Such a great atmosphere. I am sure that this unity will help us get through a difficult tournament grid, where we expect the matches against Spain and Russia.

Your mixed with Joanou Cortez is known as one of the best in the world – a great support team!

Yes, we have a great couple with a great history. Last year we managed to win the personal world championship in the mixed category. This is a very serious achievement. Also in 2013, we lead the team to gold medals in the world team championship, defeating in the final match a couple Garavini/Spazzoli. In addition, we have many victories together. But other teams have strong doubles too: Garavini and Bachhetta from the Italians, Burmakin and Churakova at the Russian team. So let's see what we can do against them.

Tell us, what special has your team?

This year, by far, unity. If you look at other teams, they seem to be friends. But what happens to us – something special. We do everything together, we are always together. This definitely is no one has.


You are a regular participant in the world team championship. And now the tournament is 5 years old. What changes have you noticed and what advice you could give in the further development of the tournament?

First let's talk about the good things. This year we're playing in parallel with the match of the Davis Cup. And it's amazing!! I love tennis and I love to watch the matches of tennis. And before I never saw playing Russian tennis players. So looking forward to see the "Russian style of play".

Also this year the tournament involved a bigger number of participating countries. And it characterizes the importance of the tournament. Last year, the ITF took the decision to reduce the number of points awarded for world championship team. And still so many teams came to the competition. We come from all over the world: different languages, dialects, culture, so it's not about ranking points. My opinion is that even if the points will cancel all still in this tournament attracts all. Because this tournament is special.

As for advice. He's the only one. Continue on to hold this tournament!


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