Friday, 15 July 2016 07:50

Whom to support on Friday 15 July?

An interesting match of the Russian team against debutants team world Cup USA opens the day. The U.S. team has already exceeded the "minimum plan" for a first participation in the tournament, but the quarter-finals, however, will come with the most serious attitude. The Russian tennis players have expressed their confidence and hope only for the victory.

Despite the fact that the championship takes place in Moscow and the main event of the day is always the match of our national team, probably the match between Spain and Brazil can be called the match of the day. Brazil has always been one of the favorites of the tournament, but this did not prevent the Spaniards to take their bronze last year. Today will be either a rematch, or another disappointment to the South Americans. Both teams have been called the most united. Therefore, the support of the crowd and the a lot of passion will be on NTC for sure.
At the top of the draw will meet the teams of Italy and Venezuela. The viewers of this match will see the masterful technique of the Italians and the desire of the Venezuelans. Matches will be filled with exciting games with beautiful jumps, drops and incredible trajectory bumps. Particularly recommended for viewing the female match.
And the fourth semifinalist of the tournament will be determined in the match Japan - France. The Japanese are seeded on tournament at the fourth number, however, the favorites of the match are the French.

Russian juniors in the next match of the subgroup had finally met its main competitors - the Italians. In the previous two games, our guys showed their level of play, beating Lithuania and Venezuela. And now they have the match to which they have been preparing for all year. This match is between the two schools, two countries and characters, it will definitely go down in the history of beach tennis and must see.

Пляжный теннис в России и мире. BTRussia отслеживает общемировые тенденции развития пляжного тенниса и формирует библиотеку наиболее полезных и интересных материалов.