Saturday, 16 July 2016 06:37

Quarterfinals: surprises and disappointments

On Saturday, 16 of July on the courts of NTC Samaranch in an exciting semifinal match will meet teams of Spain and Russia, as well as Italy and France! And, despite the outcome of the matches, all the semis teams are worthy of a standing ovation and wholehearted support of the audience, they did the impossible in quarters.

In the match Russia – USA Irina Glimakova/Daria Churakova beat in two sets Marisa Mora/Nadia Johnston, Sergey Kuptsov and Nikita Burmakin beat Carlos Rivera/Marty Salokas also in two sets. In mixed doubles for the first time at this tournament Julia Chubarova and Ivan Syrov played and defeated a double of Bonfigli/Mora. Experienced players from Russia and last year's silver medalists defeated the newcomers of the tournament with the score 3:0, but the Americans looked very confident. Great start, guys! 

In the match Spain – Brazil court literally was burning from the amount of energy, emotions and passion to win! In a crazy three-set women's match, the crowd pleasers Pilar Escandell and Rosa Sitja defeated the Brazilians Joana Cortez and Rafaella Miller. In the second match on the shoulders of Brazilian beach tennis players Marcus Ferreira and Thales Santos lay a big responsibility, and they nailed it, beating Spanish Saulo Tejada and Gerard Rodrigues in two sets. In the deciding match Cortez/Santos and Tejada/Sitja were on court. Unfortunately, Vinicius Font could not take part in such an important match for health reasons. Perhaps it influenced the outcome of the quarterfinal – Spain won. 

In the third quarterfinals of the Italy – Venezuela there were the real drama, Lady Correa and Patricia Diaz defeated famous Italians Federica Bacchetta and Gulia Gasparri in two sets. After the first loss Marco Garavini and Mateo Marighella came on court to defend the colors of the Italian flag, they played against Venezuelans Ali Colmenares and Ramon Guedes. The Italians managed to equalize the score and again mixed decided everything: in the fight Garavini/Bacchetta vs Guedes/Diaz – Italians won in very exciting 3 sets.

France and Japan have met in the final quarterfinal of the day, sisters Hoarau beat Miyasaka /Yanase in two sets, then Courtois/ Porry beat Tsuruoka/Yamamoto and led the team to the semifinals.

In the junior competition team from Russia almost get through, but lost in 3 sets in the final mixed doubles to Italians. The Brazilian team confidently beat Belarus and the Lithuanian team defeated the national team of Egypt.

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