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ITF Beach Tennis 2020 - Rule Changes and Additions
Понедельник, 25 ноября 2019 12:48

ITF Beach Tennis 2020 - Rule Changes and Additions

ITF Beach Tennis World Tour 2020


  • IPIN: All players will require an IPIN to enter ITF Beach Tennis tournaments. Please view the email attached for full information.
  • Entry and Withdrawal: Entry and Withdrawal deadlines will be amended to 11 and 4 days respectively (previously 18 and 13 days respectively) prior to the Monday of the tournament week.
  • Acceptance Method: Pairs are to be accepted into tournaments by best combined ranking points, as opposed to best combined ranking. This will minimise the number of pairs who have equal positions on the acceptance lists
  • Hospitality: Hospitality for top 4 men’s and women’s teams in the acceptance lists will be a requirement for all BT100, BT200 and BT400 tournaments (previously just a requirement for BT200 and BT400) and should be until the day following the pair’s elimination from the tournament. Where the hospitality bundle is offered, hospitality should be offered to pairs 5-8 in the acceptance list in addition to pairs 1-4 (already covered by minimum requirements) and the hospitality for all 8 pairs should be extended and offered until the day after the last day of the tournament. 
  • Referee: Referee’s responsibilities amended to include mandatory use of Tournament Planner.
  • Match format: Standard match format to become best of three sets, two tie-break sets with a match tie-break (10 points) in the third set should the score reach one set all.
  • Maximum rounds per day: Maximum number of rounds permitted per day is two (2) for all tournaments with the exception of BT10 and BT50 tournaments where up to 4 matches per day can be held (to allow for 16 draws at one day tournaments).
  • Ranking points: Marginal changes to ranking points for BT50 and BT200 categories. See full rule changes list for points tables.
  • Bundles: All bundles available at BT100 and above tournaments only.
  • Consolation Draw: Consolation draw points reduced, and principle amended so that any points won in the Consolation Draw will be added to any Main Draw points won. Standard format defined as two tie-break sets with a match tie-break (10 points) in the third set should the score reach one set all.
  • Net height: Net height to be raised from 1.7m to 1.8m for all men’s matches in BT100 tournaments and above. If successful, this change will be implemented as a permanent amendment for 2021.
  • Ball colour: Approval has been received to trial different variations of the colour of Stage 2 balls.

ITF Beach Tennis Junior Tour 2020

  • Eligibility: Under 18s – players born between 1st January 2002 and 31st December 2006.
  • Entry fee: Maximum entry fees to be: World Championships (US$75), Regional Championships (US$50), Junior Tour tournaments (US$25)
  • Ranking points: Ranking points for Junior Tour, Regional Individual and Team Championships, World Individual and World Team Championships can be found in the full list attached.
  • Ranking: Introduction of official ITF Beach Tennis Junior Ranking. Best of 4 tournaments played to contribute.
  • Sanction fee: The sanction fee for Junior tournaments will be US$150 per tournament.


  • Branding: The re-brand of ITF Beach Tennis has been approved and full Branding Guidelines will be distributed in the near future. Please see attached a preview of the logo and colour palettes.
  • Beach Tennis World Cup (World Team Championship) reform: The reform will be in place from 2020 whereby Regional Team events will grant qualification rights for the 2021 Beach Tennis World Cup.
  • Sand Series: Work is ongoing to launch the Sand Series in 2020 including a Road to the Final concept. More information will be provided in due course.

ITF Beach Tennis 2020 - Summary of Rule Changes

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