Friday, 01 July 2016 07:08

Shamil Tarpischev: "The fifth world team championship in Moscow is a reflection of trust to the Russian tennis"

On June 28 TASS held a press conference on the upcoming 5 World team Championship in beach tennis. Journalists met the RTF President, the MOK member Shamil Tarpischev, the first Deputy head of the Department of physical culture and sport of Moscow Nikolay Gulyaev, the RTF Vice-President and member of the ITF beach tennis Committee Dmitry Vikharev, the Director of the upcoming WTC Vladimir Dmitriev and one of the leaders of the Russian national team in beach tennis Sergey Kuptsov.

In his introduction, Shamil Tarpischev has told about the development of beach tennis in Russia, the creation of infrastructure of this young tennis discipline. Speaking about the authority of the Russian school, mr. Tarpishchev mentioned the "Kazan World Grand Prix", the largest tournament in history of beach tennis with a prize Fund of $ 50 thousand. There were never before such huge tournaments. And the fact that Moscow for the fifth time holds world team Championship is a reflection of trust in the Russian tennis, and its high prestige in the world of sport. Responding to question about the Olympic prospects of beach tennis, the President of RTF said he believes it is real. “We can expect that the next five- six years will be a period of fast development in the world of this discipline and, perhaps after 2024 the question about inclusion of beach tennis in the Olympic programme will become relevant”.

Dmitry Vikharev said about history of beach tennis. He drew attention to the fact that Russia has proposed the idea of the World Team Championships. The only tournament when you can see all the world beach tennis stars within a few days in one place. Tennis doesn’t have anything like this. This idea found support in the ITF, and also helped the fast development of beach tennis in the world. The RTF Vice-President noted the great help of the Moscow Sport Department in the organization and holding of the fifth WTC in the Russian capital. Also one year ago by the RTF suggestion competitions for Junior teams (age under 14) were included into program of the championship. Attraction of the young athletes would help to grow beach tennis and its popularity. In just one year, this practice became a regular at major international tournaments, and on the personal World Championship in Italy in August in parallel with the professionals competitions will be hosted junior championship in three age groups: under 14, 16 and 18.

Nikolay Gulyaev, noticed that the international tennis tournaments take place in Moscow from year to year, they always gather a large audience and the city authorities intend to continue to support such competitions, to promote the development in Moscow of all tennis disciplines.

Answering a journalist's question about the difference between the first and the fifth team world Championships, Vladimir Dmitriev gave as an example the following figures: the first WTC had only fifteen teams, and this year thirty-three. Last year, in a junior tournament were six teams, and this year - ten. "We are trying to create such conditions for athletes from year to year, so they wanted to return in Moscow", - said the WTC Director.
Sergei Kuptsov said, that Russian team is one of the favorites of the championship. “Our team is famous by its balance. We have a strong as men's and women's doubles”. Sergei said that all members are ready for the main start and they are in great shape and expect to fight for the top trophies.

In one week (12 – 17 July) at the National tennis center of H. A. Samaranch will host not only world team championship in beach tennis. But from 15 to 17 July there will be a Davis Cup match on tennis between Russia and the Netherlands. The connection of these two tournaments in the same place at the same time isn’t coincidence. It is a big tennis festival, where fans of this great game will be able to see a truly great tennis in different disciplines. And the entry to the WTC competition will be free.

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