Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:43

Michele Folegatti. We have a great team. But the opportunity to compare ourselves with rivals we have only in Moscow.

Last year Italian junior team won the first ever world team championship, so this year they came as favorites of the tournament. The system of matches for the Junior championship is set up so that each team has a rest day. So the first rest day went to the Italian team. We decided to use this ooportunity and ask captain Michelle Folegatti a few questions.
Tell us about the system of selection of the Junior team in Italy.

This year we have a great team, all the players are experienced enough, because during this year in Italy we had quite a lot of Junior tournaments that they play. Speaking directly about the selection, we made training camps, where we invite the 16 best players in Italy on the basis of national ranking. For several days we have been training on the court and made physical exercises. And at the end of these training sessions we select the 6 best players for the national team.

As far as we know, you're not only a team captain but also the coach. Tell us, some of your students will represent the country?

Yes, like last year here, I have one boy double, which is exactly what I am constantly training. So I expect much from them.

Last year Italian juniors won the first championship in history. What team this year do you consider as your most formidable opponents?

It is difficult to assess the level of play of juniors from other countries, as yet there are very few international tournaments. Therefore, the only opportunity to see your competitors here in Moscow. Considered the most dangerous teams national teams of the countries of South America: Brazil and Venezuela. Also, of course, can not forget about the Russian team, which trained a lot in winter and has a huge advantage playing at home.

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