Friday, 14 July 2017 10:35

The strongest beach tennis players are in Moscow!

Friday, July 14is the day of semifinals of the World team championship 2017. Last year's champions - the Russian national team will meet on the court with their long-time rivals - the Italian team. This year Italians came for revenge. "Time for revenge" - so says their main slogan for this competition. However, the Russian national team with its unconditional leader Nikita Burmakin does not intend to loose his title so simply.

The italian juniors team is represented by almost the same players as last year. These very players in the hard struggle did not let the Russians to the finals in 2016. This year they became even stronger and more mature, while other teams teams were renewed with younger players. Except, perhaps, the team of Venezuela, who also brought their already experienced players. These teams are the favorites of the semifinals, and they will be opposed by the teams of Lithuania and Brazil.

Russian junior team did not qualify for the semifinals and will compete for the 5th place.

In the second adult semi-final will meet the teams of Brazil and France. This year, the Brazilian team was the only team that has full-fledged couple and mixed - world champions. Even the Italians can not boast like that, despite the fact that their composition is strong more than ever.

The World team championship is held in Moscow for the 6th time in a row. This is the most important event of the beach tennis tournament calendar.

Finals will be held on Sunday, July 16. All matches of the central court are broadcast online.

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