Friday, 28 February 2020 06:35

ITF Beach Tennis - 2020 updates

  1. IPIN/Player Entry 

Registrations: Over 1,000 players have now subscribed to Beach Tennis IPIN and we hope to reach at least 3,000 players by the end of the year.

Connecting IPIN to Rankings: We continue to request the support of the player community as we transition from analogue to IPIN. After registering to Beach Tennis IPIN, please let ITF Beach Tennis know of your last 4 ITF tournaments played, either via email (// email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or by completing the online form available in IPIN and on the ITF Beach Tennis Facebook Group. This process is required as IPIN accounts and Rankings are logged in two different databases and a merge is necessary to link the data together. Please note that even if a player’s Ranking is showing on the ITF website, this does not automatically mean that the Ranking is connected to the player’s IPIN account.

IPIN entry/additional events entry: IPIN is the entry system for ITF Men’s and Women’s Doubles. Entry for any other additional events (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles in U12, U14, U16, Over 40, Over 50 etc) should be administered by the Tournament Organisation.

Wild Cards/On-Site Alternates: If a player does not enter a tournament via IPIN prior to the entry deadline, there are two methods of acceptance into the tournament. Either the player can apply for a Wild Card directly with the tournament organisation, or a player can turn up at the tournament at their own risk as an On-Site Alternate. If there is space in the draw, the Referee would then need to add the players into the draw on-site. It is encouraged that Tournament Directors have a particular consideration when determining Wild Cards for players with rankings who may have missed out on a space in the draw, due to their rankings not yet being matched with their IPIN account and therefore not reflecting their true status on the acceptance list.

  1. Tour

Rules: The 2020 Rules of Beach Tennis and ITF Beach Tennis Tour Rules and Regulations have been published on the ITF website. The ITF Beach Tennis Junior Tour Rules and Regulations along with the Organisational Guidelines for Tour and Junior Tour tournaments will be published shortly.

Application Deadlines: Creating a more established calendar, either by holding tournaments in historic weeks each year, or confirming new tournaments as soon as possible, has been continuously requested by the playing community and is something that we are working towards. We ask for the cooperation of National Associations and Tournament Organisers in order to help us achieve this goal and take this opportunity to remind you that application deadlines are as follows: 6 months (BT100 and above) and 3 months (BT10, BT50 and U18 Junior Tournaments). If you are aware of any 2019 tournaments that will not be taking place in 2020 then please advise us so that we can release the week and allow other organisers to apply for alternative tournaments within the application deadline.

Minimum Age: In order to compete on the ITF Beach Tennis Tour 2020, players must have reached 14 years of age by 31 December 2019. Players who turn 14 years old after this date will not have the option of selecting ‘Beach Tennis’ as a circuit when signing up to IPIN. This reflects the principles introduced in 2019 for Junior Beach Tennis tournaments whereby age eligibility is determined by the calendar year, rather than the age of a player at the start date of a tournament.  

Tax and currency: Resident and non-resident tax percentages, along with prize money currency, will be published on the tournament fact sheet within IPIN. The ITF exchange rate will be added to the to the fact sheet a week before the tournament. The ITF rate is a weighted exchange rate using a combination of the average exchange rate of the previous 6 months and the current rate, to take into consideration any fluctuation. This process is consistent with other ITF circuits.

Prize Money (cash): Although cash payments are permitted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, and that up to US$10,000 can be carried when travelling internationally, it is recommended that cash payments of high amounts are avoided for the safety and security of the players.

Sand clarification: The sand depth at all ITF Beach Tennis tournaments must be 25cm at a minimum, however it is recommended that the depth is between 30-40cm wherever possible. Tournaments must comply with the Rules of Beach Tennis: the terrain must be composed of level sand, as flat and uniform as possible, free of any rocks, shells and any other irregular objects and the surface must not present any danger of injury to the players. In cases of low sand depth and forecasted adverse weather conditions, Tournament Organisers are recommended to cover the courts to protect the surface.

Consolation Draw: All consolation events should be played with the approved scoring format: 2 tie-break sets and a match tie-break to 10 points should the score reach one set all.

Round Robin: Round Robin should only be used as a draw format should there be 8 or less teams in the draw.

Net height: 180cm is the mandatory net height (men’s game only) at BT100 and above tournaments, and World and Regional competitions. The increase net height from 170cm to 180cm is optional for BT10 and BT50 tournaments providing a request is submitted in advance to the ITF for approval (// email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We remind Tournament Organisers of the ITF’s commitment to gender equality which requires that, any centre/show court must feature men’s and women’s matches in equal measure for scheduling and television purposes, and the allocation of match courts does not favour players of one gender above the other.

Ball colour: As part of an effort to increase the appeal of the sport on medial channels, we have introduced the possibility of alternative colour combinations of the ball for a trial period of 1 year in 2020. The playing community should expect to see alternative ball colours in circulation as early as May. We encourage the community to embrace this change which is targeted to increase the visibility of the ball, following feedback received by TV streaming and broadcast companies.

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