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Childhood. When game is a life.

The desire of feeling freedom of movement lives in each of us. Most sensed that their maximum of physical capacity was exactly in childhood. Everything seemed so easy: to run, to jump, to climb up on something, even fall down.

Of course, years have passed, but the feeling is not forgotten. Those moments when you think you could all, are still in the memory.

Freedom - people mostly feel it at the beginning of the career. So we have to investigate it from there. And understand what's there inside the process of returning to a time when you thought you could fly not only in a dream.

The mechanism which helps to activate the desired associative link and to instantly travel back to childhood, is also a beautiful form of relaxation of consciousness. For some, it is easy, simple and funny. Another takes some time for reflection.

To learn more about yourself, will help you people whose desire of active life, travelling, communication, led them from different parts of the world to the Caribbean Islands to participate in the largest and most representative in the world beach tennis tournament.


Watching the reaction of those, who got to the experiment. At the time of travelling on a time machine here comes a moment of inspiration, something akin to euphoria, facial expressions on the faces of people are beginning to translate incredibly natural emotions and energy, very innocent and clear though. So let us live, play and often remember what we dreamed at the childhood.

The question was: "What does remind you about the life of a child?"

J (Mexico) Memories of football and tennis. Travelling to different beaches. (Cheerful)


G (Guadeloupe) Smells of Creole food, especially - pies. Windsurfing, waves. See into the distance. (Romantic)

N (Russia) When I was criticized for things that I did not commit. This sense of injustice, it is most clearly felt in childhood. You stand, you are accountable, but without any knowledge of what you've done such... (emotional)

E (Venezuela) (Long thought ...) ... A lot of things ... relations with my wife. And missed opportunities in other amorous friendships with women, whom I knew before. The desire to move actively, cause now it is difficult. I wasn't active enough for last 30 years, so I put on. My education. I remember this, because I had no understanding of what it can bring to my life. Lack of awareness! Thinking about it, I remember my childhood. (Is serious)

V (Belgium) Laugh. When I laugh till the abdominal pain and can't stop. Especially when it becomes uncontrolled. (Laughs)

F (France) The freedom to run fast in any direction. Speedy Gonzales - is how my friends called me in childhood (sly facial expression).

V (Austria) I was born in Austria, grew up in Belgium. My grandmother raised me. At the age of 9, I moved to the US. After - to Singapore, then to Portugal. Food ... Dutch ... "kentebulen" ... pancakes with sugar "panekuken" ... "moushes" - toast with pink sugar. (Emotional)

D (France) I can't stop creating. I like to be a beginner, to plunge into smth new, and then to improve. As a child, when I I had two pieces in my hands, I immediately tried to somehow connect them, to get a new game.

S (Guadeloupe) We play because we love travelling, and travelling reminiscent about the childhood.

M (USA) "Coupon Clipper" - so I was called at school. I cut coupons in tourist magazines, and then sent them to the tour company and received information about the different countries and cities. This determined my future profession. 28 years in the US Air Force and the "Red Cross" throughout the world. All my life, whenever I go anywhere, I remember my childhood.

Translation Julia Chubarova

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