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Discover Reunion | VIP Camp + 2 ITF beach tennis tournaments - 15000$ + 2500$

We invite all beginners, amateur and professional beach tennis players on the exotic island of reunion in the Indian Ocean. From the 8th to 20th March, there will be camp for beach tennis. Coach Ivan Syrov (ITF15). 


Arrival day:

8.03. Check-in at the hotel. Acquaintance with the group. Evening entertainment. Congratulations for girls with World Women's Day!

9.03. Morning - mountain Maido Evening - training session in Les Brisaunt on the beach, which will host the main tournament 15000$

10.03 - 11.03. Participation in the ITF tournament 2500$ in Les Brisaunt.

12.03. Morning - training in Les Brisaunt Afternoon - visit to the waterfall La Cascade des Aigrettes (the Egrets Waterfall) Night - match against the Pam Beach Club.

13.03. Morning - visit to the waterfall Langevin (included in the UNESCO world heritage site). Lunch in St.Pierre. Evening - match against Etang Sale Club BOB.

14.03. Morning - visit Cilaos, evening rest.

15.03. Visit to the volcano the Volcano in the evening in Les Brisaunt match with BURBONE

16-19.03. ITF tournament 15.000$

20.03 Departure day.


The sport package costs 200 euros.

Accommodation per night per person:

·         Alamanda Hotel = 43 E

·         Hotel Lux = 95 E.

Regular flight from 650 EUR per person (on request)

A lil bit about the island. Just imagine France, but in the middle of the Indian ocean with light exotic charm. Can you? This is Reunion. Extinct and active volcanoes, lava fields, stunning waterfalls, tropical forests and white sandy beaches... coming here, you will find yourself in Paradise! The island at various times was ruled by Arabs, British, Dutch, Spaniards, Portuguese, and now French.


Of course, this affect the traditions, culture, cuisine and art of the Reunion. Be sure to check out the island and its life, because it will be a really fun adventure! Big Waterfall is a Waterfall Langevin, also called Grand Biscuits/ Grand Galet. Langevin is considered one of the most beautiful cascades of the island and included in the list of world natural heritage of UNESCO.

The road to the waterfall is estimated at three points on a five-point scale of difficulty and will take at least two hours. Part of the route goes along a mountain river. The closest to the waterfall city - Saint Joseph/Saint Joseph Cilaos is located at an altitude of 1300 m above the level of the ocean in a huge volcanic bowl.

The road to Cilaos lies through mountainous peaks and volcanic plateau, which offers fantastic scenery of primitive nature, of volcanic rocks. We have to take a short walk to the waterfall and take a dip in the natural Jacuzzi of the mountain river.

The volcano Piton de La Fournaise (FR. Piton de la Fournaise) is an active volcano in the South-East of reunion island in the Indian ocean (Mascarene Islands). On the way to the volcano to enjoy the unforgettable views, drive along the yellow road, to visit Lunar landscapes. 12.03 day for the most daring, forbidden to visit La Cascade des Aigrettes (the waterfall "Heron").

The entire trail is fenced by many fences for many years, but as you know the phrase "how beautiful" and "very dangerous" are coupled usually it's give rise to "I must go", so gates in the fences gently opened...and "on route"! Gourmet tourism - a chance to enjoy the island from a helicopter, a parachute jump or soar on a hang glider (by appointment).

The number of places is limited!

Hurry to make a special present for the 8th of March to your girl! J An unforgettable journey to the island of Reunion!

To book the adventure:

What's Up +79219141818

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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