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BTRUSSIA: Tell us about the concept, beach tennis academy – what is it?

BTRUSSIA: Tell us about the concept, beach tennis academy – what is it?

BT CHAMPIONS: Beach Tennis Champions - the first Russian Academy of beach tennis. This is a team of coaches, masters of sports and active top players. It is energy, years of training and competing experience, and professionalism. The Academy offers a progressive method to train for the players of all ages and levels. The training program is made Individually for each player, it allows you to start playing beach tennis and achieve high results for everyone. Beach tennis Academy BTChampions is ready to prepare and develop children, juniors, amateur- and top- players.


BTRUSSIA: For what kind of students is the training program created?

BT CHAMPIONS: The training program is made for advanced Amateurs who wants to become PRO and for beginners, as well as for children. We pay special attention to juniors who have all chances to get to Russian national team and represent our country at the international competitions! Btchampions cares about the success of absolutely every player. We have groups for very young kids up 4 years, who train on the author's program, amateurs and professionals, adults and juniors. Funny that Family training is very popular, when children and adults train at the same time but with different programs. Imagine, how this game can unite people!? We are confident that beach tennis in Russia will become a TOP sport that can be practiced all year round. The training program is very balanced. The main direction is development and progress according to the age and level of physical training of each student. Today our trainings are held 4 times a week, 5 coaches are involved in the process and we are still growing. Everyone who has ever tried to work it out at least once falls in love with beach tennis forever.


BTRUSSIA: How came the idea of BT Academy?

BT CHAMPIONS: When you really believe and love something, it can happen.
BT Champions war born because of the desire to transfer the knowledge that has been accumulated for many years. We believe that after 7-8 years of presence in Russia, now is the time: we have indoor stadiums, the number of players increase, professionals and amateur’s tournaments are growing! Top players managed to achieve the highest results and not going to stop. We grow, continue to improve and develop and we happy to share all the secrets of beach tennis with our students! How exactly we created the Academy!? We do not know how it happened. We just did it. Just like we won the world beach tennis championships. Just did it. That’s it.

BTRUSSIA: Tell us about the first six months after opening the Academy!?

BT CHAMPIONS: The first six months we had a lot of work! We started regular trainings as soon as we opened! And we are happy that from the beginning there were students who attended our trainings on a regular basis! I thank them for the trust. Further-more, their friends came, friends of friends, and now we have about 40 players.
We (Daria Churakova and Sergey Kuptsov) try to diversify as much as possible trainings, we use a lot of various sports equipment to make something new and interesting every time! Honestly, we enjoy it! We love this sport, and I think our students also love it!
We have a lot of plans and projects for development, we can not tell everything now, but we hope that everything or the big part of our plans comes true.


BTRUSSIA: Are there any plans to hold international ITF tournaments on behalf of the Academy or create an Amateur League? What about your plans in other regions?

BT CHAMPIONS: To hold tournaments, especially international tournaments, is a very time- and energy-consuming process. We are more focused on the training process, and amateur tournaments for the students! We are happy to participate in tournaments that are held by other organizations. We also think about travel/outdoor events in the future. As for the Amateur League - we are negotiating with the Latvian tennis Federation, they have very interesting ideas for the development of Amateur beach tennis. About other regions - well, we plan to work and cooperate with them! Several Russian cities have shown interest into opening the academies with our brand. We will be glad to have new partners and sponsors for joint development and implementation of the coolest ideas!



  • Reporter Ekaterina Bobkova
  • Photo BTChampions

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