Sunday, 21 February 2016

Kazakhstan tried to beach tennis

BTRUSSIA met the famous tennis player from Kazakhstan Yaroslava Shvedova, recently tried beach tennis at…
BTRUSSIA were able to talk to Edwin Suikerbuik from Brazil during the Santos tournament.
At the start of the new season BTRUSSIA decided to look into the past a…
Today we have movie congrats all beach tennis lovers from Maraike Biglmaier (Germany team), Irina…
Today greetings from sunny Brazil and snowy Russia
Today the congratulations from hot Morocco and warm, not tipical for us, winter from Russia.
Today greeting the New Year holidays from the world's most famous beach tennis Sisters!
Today on congratulates all with the approaching holidays, player of the Bulgarian national team.
Today the congratulations joined players from team of Portugal and Russia.
Today, all lovers of beach tennis congratulate the number one player in the world today…
Wonderful video from Israel Beach tennis Team.
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